Five School Night Rules

Somehow, it’s become old fashioned to have rules.  By trying to make the word ‘rule’ seem less harsh, we ruin the positive intent of the word.  So I’m going to simply call these 5 essentials, rules.  In my ancient world, rules imply a no-nonsense, good for the order intent.  AND, anything which helps your child be his best should be called a rule.  Good gosh, that was long winded.  Moving on…

In the upcoming weeks, I will provide a list of 5 weekday parenting ‘musts’/rules.  One rule will be posted per week to allow time to ponder the idea and hopefully put the rule in place.   These rules are tried and true, not new, but largely forgotten in our busy worlds.

Coming up.   Sleep is essential to learning.

Please remember, I only know this stuff because I’ve taught for 30 years, and have learned by my own mistakes.  Plus, I’ve decided this blog will be less formal.  Parenting is hard enough, why not have some humor.   See you in a few days!


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